A Weir/Sheppard fanfiction challenge site.

Sparks! A Weir/Sheppard fanfiction challenge site.
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Welcome to Sparks! A Weir/Sheppard fanfiction challenge site.

Basic Ground Rules

A list of challenges will be posted here every month.

Take a look at the list, and then make a pledge in the comments section to write a story based on the challenge that interests you. Then post the story by the end of the challenge month.

The most important rule - All stories must involve Weir and Sheppard.

When posting a "Spark!" fic, it must be a new story, inspired by the Challenges. Please do not repost an old story from another site or community.

There is no problem cross-posting it to other communities, just post the fact that it was for a "Sparks!" challenge, so that we can convert new Weir/Sheppard shippers to the cause!

There is no restriction to length. However, please try not to post Works in Progress. The story must be complete.

Posting Guidelines

When posting your story, please use the following format;
Spoiler Warnings

Please place the story itself under a cut.

Spoiler Policy

If the story contains any spoilers for an episode that has not yet aired, please highlight with a spoiler warning.

As some episodes will not have aired outside the US, or the UK in the later season, if the story refers to a particular episode, please note that episode number in the spoiler warning, e.g. 201

If anyone has any queries, please feel free to contact me. Email